Open Home Foundation - Tauranga, New Zealand

Our vision: Every child and young person growing up in a secure, loving family and receiving a depth of care which will bless them throughout their life.

Our mission: Providing Quality, Child-Centred, Family-Focused, Christian Social Services

The Open Home Foundation of New Zealand is a Child and Family Support Service that works within the provisions of the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989. Open Home Foundation staff and volunteers are from a variety of Christian Church denominations. We respect the diversity of belief and ethnicity found within our nation. We encourage children and parents to be proud of their family/whānau and cultural heritage. In particular, we have a commitment to work in a manner which is honouring to Māori, and reflects the Treaty of Waitangi.

Agape International Mission - Cambodia

Founded in 1988 AIM is committed to Freedom. Fighting trafficking, restoring victims, transforming communities in Cambodia and the World. AIM has started over 800 Christ-centered, Bible teaching churches in Cambodia. Through these churches it has provided leadership training to thousands, and provided disaster relief, medical supplies and food to thousands more. Since 2005 the ministries of AIM have been focused on ending the evil of child sexual slavery in Cambodia by providing transformational aftercare for victims and equipping the local church for prevention. An aftercare center, Agape Restoration Center, was opened in August of 2006, providing holistic long-term aftercare for rescued girls. In September 2007, AIM opened a community center, Rahab’s House, in a former brothel in the heart of a village where sex slavery is the norm for every girl by the age of 10. www.agapewebsite.org

Somaly Mam - Cambodia
Somaly Mam

In 1996 Somaly Mam established AFESIP (Acting for Women in Distressing Situations) and has since expanded her vision and mission. AFESIP now provides healing and empowerment to women and girls, and through education and skills training, gives survivors the economic and emotional strength to rebuild their lives. To date, Somaly Mam’s efforts have helped 7,000 women and girls in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos exit the sex industry.

In 2007, Somaly Mam co-founded the Somaly Mam Foundation, which is a funding vehicle that supported AFESIP Cambodia and also provided survivors with a platform from which their voices could be heard around the world. In May, 2014, Somaly chose to resign from the Foundation, in order to deal with allegations accusing her of allegedly falsifying some of the facts surrounding her personal story, and the story of one of the rescued girls. Following her resignation, the Somaly Mam Foundation discontinued its support of AFESIP, without explanation, effective immediately. This has had a devastating effect on the work of AFESIP, and the shelters where the rescued girls are housed and rehabilitated.

Due to this decision, Justice Reach has withdrawn its partnership from the Somaly Mam Foundation. The Foundation's reaction to Somaly's resignation is unacceptable, and we can no longer be in support of the Foundation, as they have put the care of these rescued girls, and the work of AFESIP, in significant jeopardy.

Justice Reach continues to be in relationship with Somaly Mam, and will continue our support of her personally, as well as the amazing work she has committed her life to, in seeing the rescue and rehabilitation of girls trapped in sexual exploitation.